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Nehalem had already seen a die shrink from 45 nm to 32 nm; shrunken Nehalem chips (which featured lower power usage and a few other tweaks) were known as Westmere.  Sandy Bridge, like Westmere is produced at the 32 nm node….

General Branding “Core 2011”

How Many Cores are in a Core ix?

Model Lettering/Numbering

With Sandy Bridge we finally see a true one-die solution.  An iGPU is onboard, as is a multi-purpose I/O controller, responsible for memory control, PCIe communications, etc. ….

AnandTech was able to overclock quad and eight core desktop Sandy Bridge chips to 4.4 GHz on only the stock air-cooling solution. …

Buyer’s Outlook, AMD’s Answer, and Ivy Bridge

and more……

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