Following is the Sci&Tech centered LinkList regularly updated by Vikki Cvichiee

a Convair B-36 Peacemaker was outfitted with a functioning nuclear reactor and flew multiple test missions in the mid-1950s, several with the reactor running….

The Soviets ran a similar program using a Tupolev Tu-119….

The Valkyrie’s final design used huge wing tips that folded halfway down to form a “tunnel” beneath the fuselage, channeling and focusing the shockwaves…..

Two Valkyries were built and tested extensively throughout the 1960s. Unfortunately, other technological innovations invalidated the Valkyrie’s original reason for existing….

The two prototypes flew dozens of test flights, however, and those tests laid the foundation for high-speed, high-altitude flight systems developed in the years to come….

click here to read full story…


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